Our mission is to encourage, engage, and equip fathers to succeed.

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Finding Super Dad is a place for Dads to get ideas about raising children, fostering good relationships, and finding time to relax. We provide parenting advice, product recommendations, and have regular interviews with exemplary dads.

About me (Fatherhood)

The Problem:

Fathers can be distracted by social media, entertainment, and pride. They are no longer connected with their source and can not walk in the purpose God has for them. The lack of connection causes confusion, insecurity, and distrust that can lead to failed marriages. Children need the mentoring and teaching they receive from fathers and are searching for that guidance to fulfill their self-identity. Many fathers are not in the home and children are forced to find validation from the outside world.

The Solution:

Finding Superdad's mission is to Empower, Encourage, and Equip men to walk in the purpose God has for their lives. I want to create a free space for Dads to chat openly about struggles, triumphs, and Dad-Hacks that make fatherhood easier. I am not a Dad expert. I am an exhorter and a connector, I want to bring men together to address the challenges fathers face and be a servant to the empowerment of fathers everywhere.

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About Me.

I am a father of 2.  I volunteer with 3 to 5 year-olds at Agape Embassy Ministries in Alexandria, Virginia. After serving for three years, I went on the earn my Master’s in Education with a concentration on Early Childhood Education.

For the last 5 years, I have served as an Admissions Manager for teachers desiring to be tech-savvy problem solvers at Moreland University.  I am a proud Alumni of the University of Virginia and  Moreland University.  

I have been an exhibitor for Moreland University representing them at the 2016 ECIS Conference in Barcelona, Spain, and in 2020 for the ECIS Early Childhood Education virtual conference. In February of the year 2020, I was a featured speaker at the Council of College and Military Educators. I am also a consultant for a K-5 education center providing safe learning environments for students during the  Covid-19 pandemic.